Premier Safari Operators in Kenya and Tanzania

Established in 1980, Twiga Tours begins its 31st year as a luxury Inbound Safari Operator in East Africa. We have deliberately confined ourselves to this part of Africa offering Camping Safaris in Tanzania and Tanzania. This is becasue East Africa is our where we were born and raised and want to focus all love and attention to our guests’ experiences in our homeland rather than pretend to be the go to safaris experts in all the 53 countries in Africa. We know and understand East Africa best because both Rajab and Minaz Manji, were born and raised here, all their lives. In addition to this, they have travelled extensively to different parts of East Africa and know all the great safari destinations in kenya, Tanzania and the rest of the East African safari regions.

On a lighter note, most people fondly associate Twiga Tours as Rajab and Minaz and vice versa as both have played an active role in kenyan safaris planning and, continue to do so. From its’ humble beginnings, Twiga Tours has grown in leaps and bounds to become a leading Inbound Safari Operator in East Africa. We are even more proud to be referred to as a ‘small boutique’ Safari Operator as this description aptly reflects our style – to provide the Manji family’s personal care and African safari hospitality to every one of our guests and visitors who book an African safari to Kenya.

That was the vision 30 yrs ago and continues to be the same even today! To ‘pop’ open a bottle of champagne with a huge smile at the airport, celebrate a special occasion such as birthdays or wedding anniversaries, enjoy a surprise ‘out of Africa’ picnic in the African safari bush and enjoy dinner with the Manji’s in their family home in the outskirts of Nairobi. This has been our tradition and we are flattered that many companies try to emulate our personal warmth and hospitality. We fondly call this the Twiga Mansion dinner, to honor our clients' interest in our custom african safari.

We are not a mass market travel Company but a small efficiently run family Company who care deeply about delivering the personal warmth, experience. This is the utter safari in kenya hospitality from the Manji family.

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